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We're just as excited to log out, shut down, and enjoy the outdoors as you are! Until then, we are waiting on guidance from the Governor and the Department of Health. Follow us on your favorite social media channel for time sensitive updates.

With hundreds of camp offerings, the Y creates an exciting environment for children of all ages to have an unforgettable summer! Camp offerings, pricing, and availability vary by Y location.

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YMCA summer day camp enrichment will begin June 29. Further details surrounding capacity, hours, and safety measures will be shared the week of May 18. As a result, new camp registration is currently on hold until further guidance from the Governor and the Department of Health has been communicated.


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After much consideration, planning and consultation with experts and parents, we are saddened to announce that we will not be offering traditional overnight camp this summer at YMCA Camp Fuller.


Dear Camp Fuller Family and Friends,

We hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy in these unprecedented times. We know you and your campers have been anxiously awaiting news about summer camp.

As former campers and staff members, we understand the important role Camp Fuller plays in the lives of so many who come to our shores. It is a place to reconnect by disconnecting. A place to explore, learn and discover. A place of safety and sanctuary. With that in mind, we worked diligently to determine if there was a way to open safely, while also offering a true Camp Fuller experience.

After much consideration, planning and consultation with experts, parents and others, we are saddened to announce that YMCA Camp Fuller will not be offering traditional overnight camp this summer. Ultimately, it was decided that in light of the continued evolution of the Pandemic, as well as the shortage of tests and supplies, we could not in good faith offer the safe and enriching camp experience which you look for from Camp Fuller. Our camp is a global camp, built on the principles of diversity and inclusion, and that would not be possible this summer.

We understand this may be difficult news for you and your campers, so we will not be publicizing the cancellation of summer camp until tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th, so they can hear it from you first, and so that you have time to process as a family.

Below, you will find important information about refunds, advice for talking to your camper about this news, and how to contact us. We urge you to consider donating your Camp Improvement Fee and deposit if possible. Our team has been hard at work this winter and spring conducting major facilities improvements. Your support will ensure we continue to renovate our beloved camp, and keep our year-round staff team working. In the coming weeks we will also be sharing information more ways our Camp Fuller family can connect, even as COVID-19 keeps us physically separated.

This is heartbreaking for all of us who have driven down the Camp Fuller Road, heart and head filled with excitement and expectations for a summer to remember. While we never imagined a summer without camp, we are confident we will get through this stronger, and more resilient, than ever.

We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Until we meet again, Kate and Shannon


Donations, Refunds & Credits

We’re offering families three options. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL YOUR REQUEST - to ensure efficient processing of your request, please click below to complete our online request form.

Summer Camps YMCA

We are in the early stages of considering ways campers can connect with, and bring a little bit of, Camp Fuller magic home. Ideas include virtual council fires, care packages from Camp and more. Stay tuned for more details.


Although much is subject to change, we are considering re-opening Camp Fuller in July for family and alumni camping vacations. Stay tuned for more details.


First, remember that you know your child best. Try to digest the news yourself before talking to your camper. This is why we are waiting to publicize it so you have time to discuss as a family. Below are some tips that can help guide how you:

  1. Acknowledge their feelings. Expect a range of emotions, including disappointment, anger, sadness, or even grief. Most us, including our children, have experienced a lot of cancelled plans, and adding yet another disappointment to the list may feel overwhelming. Acknowledge that it is frustrating to suffer yet another loss.
  2. Ask: What would help? When your camper is ready, think about what can be done to cope. You can set up a video call with some camp friends. What are some things that your child can do to share their favorite parts of camp with your family? Maybe they can teach you a game from camp or camp song. Is there a camp meal you can make at home? Not every child will feel better by doing camp activities at home, so let them be the guide. Remember, it may take time for your child to process their feelings to get to a place where they can think about pro-actively moving forward.
  3. Check-in Again. Over the next few days, gently ask how they’re doing and see if they need more support. Try to remember to ask again as we get closer to the days when camp would have started.
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