Financial assistance is provided through donations to the Y’s Financial Assistance Fund. Please complete the form and bring it with you to the Welcome Center of your local Y. All information is confidential.

Financial Assistance Campaign

Once a year, we hold a campaign that raises the funds from our members and community to help support our financial assistance program. When a volunteer asks you to donate, please consider a gift!

Financial Assistance Documents

Financial Assistance Form (Microsoft Word)

Financial Assistance Form (Adobe PDF)

Extenuating Circumstances Additional Information – Camp Fuller & Providence Youth Services Only (Adobe PDF)

Solicitud de Asistencia Financiera del YMCA de Providence (Microsoft Word)

Solicitud de Asistencia Financiera del YMCA de Providence (Adobe PDF)

Información adicional para Circunstancias extenuantes (Microsoft Word)

Información adicional para Circunstancias extenuantes (Adobe PDF)

Online Financial Assistance Application (Online Form)