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By encouraging youth to participate in healthy, productive activities through the support and guidance of a caring mentor, not only will men-tees work toward completing high school successfully, but they will learn of the benefits to continue on through continuing education, including college, to ultimate obtain a financially and personally rewarding career.  

For more information on mentoring programs, please contact Christy Clausen.  

Championing Our Students

The COS Program is a law-related e-mentoring program for high school students interested in legal careers. It is designed to help foster young people’s understanding of the role of law in our society while also building upon the skills necessary for success in high school and college, the foundation for law school. High school students are matched with lawyers, law students or law professionals as mentors. The mentors play an invaluable role in this process as they share their own experiences and knowledge as lawyers, and support the learning and growth of the students in the program.

Mentors and men-tees meet monthly, during which the students participate in a one hour Street Law workshop facilitated by students from Roger Williams University School of Law. These workshops engage students in exploring law concepts and build their communication skills through public speaking, debate, mock trials, etc. After the workshop, the students also meet with their mentors for an hour, debriefing the law concepts they’ve learned, discussing current issues, graduation/college preparation, school, life and other topics of conversation.  

Providence Mentoring for Youth Success

The Providence Mentoring for Youth Success Program (ProvMYS) is a school-based mentoring program currently offered at Central High School. Mentors and program staff support students in completing their graduation requirements. Although the main objective is to ensure that these students graduate from high school, ProvMYS also focuses on college-readiness, career exploration and service learning--a way for teens to learns to make a difference their neighborhoods. By encouraging youth to participate in healthy, productive activities through the support and guidance of a caring mentor, mentees worki toward success in high school and beyond. 

Leadership Development

Our youth leadership program builds leadership skills and empowers youth to make a positive impact on their communities.  We emphasize the importance of volunteerism and youth-driven service learning.  We work with the students to explore college and career options, build financial literacy skills, build self-efficacy and self-confidence, increase communication skills and set goals to achieve future success.  

Leaders Club

Leaders Club is a group of teens in grades 9-12 that provides club members with opportunities for leadership training, personal growth, service to others, and social development. Youth meet on a weekly basis working closely with their peers on skill- and character-building activities, as well as on planning and organizing club projects.
The program provides a safe haven for young people to become confident and competent adults with a sense of belonging in their community, and assist in promoting and enhancing the personal growth and social skills of young people in order to develop leaders who will be a positive force in their communities.

By connecting with adult advisers, teens have role models and mentors who can have a positive impact on their lives.

According to one of our teens, “Leaders let’s me feel that I’m a part of something significant.”

For more information on mentoring programs, please contact Christy Clausen at 401-456-0604, ext. 50904.


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